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Growing hope (P4-5)


Why do people show great respect to Yuan Longping?

What do you know about Yuan?

 While reading

For most Chinese people, rice is an important part of almost every meal. But for Yuan Longping, rice was more than that. It was his life-long career (事业). 

 more than  多于,不仅仅  反义词:less than 少于,不到

life-long (复合形容词)终生的,毕生的  life-long learning 终生学习

 career [kəˈrɪə(r)] 生涯;职业  注:work 指任何种类的工作,泛指职业;

job 指一切有收入,不分脑力与体力运动;

career 指经过专门训练,终身愿意从事的职业。

 Yuan, known as Chinas father of hybrid rice (杂交水稻), created hybrid rice that helps feed the world. On May 22, Yuan died at 91. People around the world were sad to hear of his passing.

How did he begin?

hybrid[ˈhaɪbrɪd] 杂交的,混种的

hybid car 混合动力车

feed[fiːd] 喂养(强调投食)

feed the world 哺育全世界

raise 养育(强调使其长大)

Yuraise the family 养活全家

主干Yuan created hybrid rice. 其中known as...为后置定语,补充Yuan的身份;that引导定语从句,先行词为hybrid rice

In the 1960s, people in China didn’t have enough food to eat. Many people even died because of this. Yuan was sad to see this. He decided to work on a kind of hybrid rice. He thought this rice could feed more people.

Why did Yuan Longping decide to work on hybrid rice?

To feed more people.

enough[ɪˈnʌf]adj.充足的,放在n.前,enough wateradv.足够地,放在adj.adv.后,big enough

decide to do 决定做  decision(n.) 决心 make a decision

work on 从事于,忙于

At the time, other scientists didnt think hybrid rice was possible. But Yuan wanted to try anyway. He spent four years looking for wild (野生的) rice that could be crossed    (杂交) with other plants. In 1964, he found it!


如:I dont think i know you. 我想我并不认识你。

spend time on sth./ (in) doing sth. 花费时间做,主语为人。

look for 寻找,强调过程;find找到,强调结果。

In 1973, he grew the worlds first hybrid rice strain (品种). It could reach a yield of over 500 kg per mu, higher than the 300-kg yields of other kinds of rice. Farmers can grow it on many different kinds of land. It can fight bad weather and disease, too.

How is hybrid rice different from other kinds of rice?

It can grow on many different kinds of land.

reach a yield of 达到...的产量

fight[faɪt] 抵抗,战斗fight with ...打架fight for ...而战(正义事业)fight against ...作斗争


This kind of hybrid rice has been grown all over China since then. It has helped China feed nearly one-fifth of the worlds population (人口) with only about 7 percent of the worlds farmland, CGTN reported.  

since then 自那时起,句子一般用现在完成时。

one-fifth 五分之一,-可以省略


one third 三分之一    two thirds 三分之二


如:Two thirds of the water is exhausted.    Two thirds of the students are girls.

 Home on the farm

Yuan was a famous scientist. But he called himself a farmer. He spent most of his time in the field (田地). Even In March this year, he was working in a field in Hainan.

Although Yuan was a well-known ______, he thought of himself as a ____. 

scientist; farmer

 call 称呼,call sb./sth. sth. 称呼某人为...  注意:call 呼叫,call sb. 呼叫某人

    call sb. on the phone 打电话给某人(在电话上呼叫某人)  call for help 呼救

Kenneth M. Quinn, president emeritus of the World Food Prize Foundation, said Yuan was a “down-to-earth” scientist. “He always seemed more at home in a field than an office, and was most comfortable in his working clothes,” Quinn told China Daily.

 What do we know from what Quinn said?

Yuan loved his work a lot.

down-to-earth 脚踏实地的

(feel) at home 轻松自在


 Yuan himself also said, If I am not at home, I must be on the farmland; if I am not on the farmland, I must be on my way to the farmland. He often rode a motorcycle to work, as this was more convenient (方便的) for him.



:There must be some mistake. 一定是除了什么问题。

     I can't be in two places at once. 不可能身处两地。

it is convenient for sb. to do sth. 某人很方便做某事。

 Because of his great achievements, Yuan won many prizes, including the Medal of the Republic, the highest honor in China. But Yuan still lived a simple life. He didn’t care too much about money. He donated most of his prize money to a foundation to help young scientists. “I don’t like being a politician, and I’m not a businessman,” he once said.

How did Yuan help people?

By working to solve hunger.


 ...Yuan won many prizes, including ...But Yuan still lived a simple life. He didn’t care too much about money. He donated most of his prize money to a foundation to help...

win 赢得,后+奖项或比赛,如win the medalwin the game

defeat 战胜,后+对象,如defeat the opponent 战胜对手

 live a ...life 过着...的生活

live a simple life 生活简朴    live a hard life 生活艰难

live a happy life 生活幸福     live a hopeful life 生活有盼头

care about 担心,在意;care for 关心

donate sth. to sb. 捐献某物给某人。

Yuan in his own words

I saw rice plants as tall as Chinese sorghum, each ear of rice as big as a broom and each grain of rice as big as a peanut. I could hide in the shadow of the rice plants with my assistant.

as ...as,中间加adj./adv.原型,和...一样...

According to the story, which word can best describe Yuan?



 Further reading

Read the passage and answer the questions.

   Wu Mengchao, Chinas "father of liver and gallbladder surgery"(肝胆手术之父), died at the age of 98 in Shanghai on Saturday.  

Wu completed more than 16,000 surgical (外科的) operations(手术) over a 75-year career.


       Wu, who was from east China's Fujian province and would have turned 99 in August, made great contributions (贡献) to the success and survival (存活) of liver disease patients. The longest length of Chinese patients' survival after liver surgery is recorded at 45 years.


       A China Daily reporter interviewed Wu in November 2018 about an operation. The operation took Wu about 35 minutes, while it would usually take two hours for an average surgeon(普通外科医生).

   "My efforts alone are not enough to help Chinese people get rid of (摆脱) disease," Wu said, "I hope to train more young doctors to improve our operating techniques in the remaining years of my life."


       In 2005, Wu received the State Pre-eminent Science and Technology Award (国家杰出科学技术奖), the country's highest award in science. He donated his 5-million-yuan ($777,000) award to be used for his students' research.     

 1. How old was Wu when he passed away

He was 98 years old.

2. How long is the survival record for Chinese liver surgery patients?

45 years.

3. What did Wu hope to do for the rest of his life

He hoped to train more young doctors to improve their operating techniques.


4. 翻译划线句子。



Introduce either of these two scientists and tell their stories in your own words.